Today’s economy is the most difficult ever to raise a new family. Home costs are sky high and repair and maintenance to them can cost a family their happiness. Health insurance can sometimes cost more than a family’s mortgage payment and when groceries are paid for and the oil bill has been satisfied in the winter, just how much does that leave the average American family to plan for their retirement? The answer is very little, if any at all. My brother gave me a great recommendation for a kitchen cabinet refacing Long Island company that he used when he remodeled his kitchen. He was pleased with the results.

This is the main reason that we have begun development on the new town of Oconeepas. Oconeepas is a development in Georgia that has the heart of the young family in mind. Most families spend their lifetime scrimping and saving, mainly when their children are young and move into better dwellings when their children get older. The problem with this is that children grow up and they will never be young again. By the time a young family has enough money to move to a better home or neighborhood, their kids are already looking at colleges and have one foot out of the door. Oconeepas is a tight knit community of 175 homes built on over 200 acres of land that gives new meaning to the term “family living.” Built into the development are local shops, grocery stores and medical facilities to cater to the needs of the families that live there and in the surrounding areas. We took a bus to Atlantic City from Long Island to celebrate my husband’s retirement from working for over 45 years.

In order to give young families the best start ever, homes begin in the low $100,000 dollar mark and there is even a leasing option for some homes, if the home purchaser needs that. The homes are all equipped with solar energy to save on heating costs and plenty of land and play areas for children to play in. Although there is a community pool area, many homes come with the option of an above or in-ground swimming pool, for a mere $50 more per month. The options are endless. If you’re a young family looking for a great place to raise your kids and create memories for them, then Oconeepas is for you.  After receiving the news that my sister was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, she immediately insisted on finding the best Long Island long term care insurance so that her family would not feel burdened.